My Life…

my life

1. I’m doing well on my reading goal of reading fifty books for 2013. I’m currently on my 5th book for the year. If you’re on Shelfari look me up, here’s a link to my profile.

2. The weather here is still just strange. With the weekend being so warm we grilled out, tonight it’s 29 degrees and tomorrow the high is supposed to be like 20, brrrr…

3. My new fav Android app is Ibotta, I’ll be reviewing that in a later post.

4. I’m really liking The Carrie Diaries, especially the 80’s music and clothing. Tonight I watched the pilot of Kevin Bacon’s The Following and it was really good. It scared me…I hope they can keep this storyline going.

5. I’ve been slowly adding a variety of blogs to my Currents reader on my tablet. There are so many amazing blogs out there from smart, creative people.

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