Wine Review: Ambler’s Red

amblers red I haven’t done a wine review in a while. Tonight we tried Ambler’s Red which is an EarthFare exclusive and little known fact a Biltmore House Winery blend. Nothing on the bottle except the fine print on the back (Biltmore House Winery Bottled in Asheville, NC) indicates that this is a Biltmore House wine until you uncork, the cork is actually stamped Biltmore House Estate. The wine is named after one of the many trails found on Biltmore Estate. This is an excellent red blend. I have no idea the grape type or percent used in this blend as the label only indicates Red, but as a fan of red blends, I can vouch that this is a nice one. It’s a balanced blend with tanins which goes down nicely. This wine is only available at EarthFare and retails for $15.99.

I’d give this wine easily 4 out of 5 stars.


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