Saving Money With Coupons

Kroger - Cereal Shopping Cart I began using coupons at the first of January, just to see if it was worth my time and if I could save some money using coupons. I admit there is a learning curve and I’m still learning every day but right now I’m saving 25-30% every week on groceries and I’m really happy with those results.

I combine several money saving techniques every week when I buy groceries. I utilize a combination loyalty cards, ad matching programs, weekly ads, smart phone apps, a coupon clipping service, printing online coupons, extra care bucks and double coupon programs to get the best possible price on items. The best bargains by far are on items which are in a weekly ad, combined with coupons and any additional savings programs the store offers. We have a store which offers double coupons up to .70 on Saturdays. I’ve gotten several freebies and made money on items using .55-.70 coupons.

When I was checking out last Saturday the lady in line behind me paid me the nicest compliment. I was price matching some ads and she commented that I was a great shopper. Then when I pulled out a bunch of coupons she got all excited and watched with me as my total dropped an additional $30.


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