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trader joesI was recently introduced to Trader Joe’s a few months ago and have made many subsequent visits back there. They proudly sell non GMO food. Most of the items they carry are the Trader Joe’s brand and they promise everything that’s their brand is organic and contains no artificial colors or flavors. They also have an excellent wine selection and many of the wines are made of organic grapes. Trader Joe’s prices are fantastic and their products are convenient and inventive. With each visit I walk out amazed at how they can pull this off at such low cost. Trader Joe’s is opening at the end of September in Asheville, just in time for their “all things pumpkin line”. I’m excited at the prospect of a Trader Joe’s being close to home.
I must be the last person on earth to begin watching Game of Thrones, but I recently caught up on all three seasons on HBOGo and I can’t wait until Season Four. What a magical world and just when you think you know what the show is about or the main characters, the focus changes. Each episode is done so well from the sets and costumes to the story line. What a great distraction!
hbo go
And speaking of HBOGo, it’s also a new obsession. It’s great for any HBO subscriber. During my husband’s recent hospital stay I installed it on my tablet. I am in love with this app. It offers every episode of every original HBO series current and-even older series which aren’t on very much any more like Sex and the City, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under along with a ton of movie offerings. I had all three seasons of Game of Thrones at my fingertips and watched several movies during this time.

cool lime refresher
Normally I go to Starbucks for the coffee but lately I’ve been hooked on the Cool Lime Refreshers. I guess because it’s been so hot. I really enjoy the combo of juice and fresh limes with just the perfect hint of mint on a hot summer day. I’ve saw several recipes for them on Pinterest but have been reluctant to try making one myself. I just know it won’t be the same because theirs has green coffee which gives you that refreshed, full of energy pick me up.

fall wnc
Oddly enough I find myself looking forward to Fall/Winter, which is so uncharacteristic of me. I’ve caught myself looking at fall and winter fashions, decorations and recipes. Maybe because the weather here has been kinda cool the last few days.

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