Dishevelled Chic’s Fall Essentials

fall essentialsI have to admit it, I’m sooo looking forward to fall. Living in the mountains there is such a dramatic change in fall with all the leaves turning to bright colors and chilly air moving in. I love the fall season, Halloween,scary movies,all things pumpkin, Thanksgiving and last but not least, the clothes. I enjoy wearing quilted vests with sweaters and boots of all colors.I love the shades of gray, brown, green, orange and purple. I can’t wait to wade thru fallen leaves and pick up my first pumpkin spice latte. Some of the items in the pic above I actually have and some are on my wishlist. Some of my favorite fall items include a Ralph Lauren quilted vest, several LL Bean sweaters, the Ugg beanie, skirts with tights, duck boots and the purple boots pictured above. I’d really like to have the Ralph Lauren cardigan with the rifle patch, how cute is that? The makeup on the right side I ordered one day this week as a birthday present to myself. Marc Jacobs beauty just came out in Sephora this week and I’m excited to try it, the ToykoMilk Dark I love and I really liked the little pouch that came with it and lately I’ve really liked nails,Inc. London nail polish. It’s long lasting and drys almost instantly so I was excited when I saw the Fall/Winter combo. which has the perfect shade of green I liked so much last fall.

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