I haven’t been posting very much lately. Some of you may or may not know that my husband recently had a bone marrow transplant. We were out of town for that procedure a total of 29 days. Let me tell you, we were so happy to get back home last week. That being said, since being home I’ve been resting, catching up with Watson (the GSD) and a few short trips on the Parkway. A couple of days last week I made meatballs to freeze for this Fall/Winter. I’ve been trying a few new recipes I found on Pinterest, I plan on sharing the best ones at a later date. Today I’ve been clipping coupons and cooking some food that’s fresh from my parents garden.

While we were gone I think it rained every day and it is still raining quite a bit. I took the picture below one day on the Blue Ridge Parkway as a storm was rolling in.

brp july 27

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