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kindle2With the increased popularity of e-readers the usage of book recommendation sites has increased as well. Why go to a bookstore to browse books when you have an e-reader, right? It seems that everyone has a favorite book recommendation platform and there are so many choices available. After a brief fling with I eventually settled down at Goodreads is well done, nothing personal, maybe a little too integrated if you know what I mean. It’s a popular choice and it automatically adds all my social media friends to my friends list in goodreads. Not to be mean but I really don’t care what my 573 facebook friends are reading, I prefer to find people I want to follow which have similar tastes in books, plus I love the blog widget on the right which displays my shelfari bookshelf. My suggestion when choosing a book recommendation platform, don’t settle for something that’s not convenient for you, it is a tool and to get the most out of it look at several different sites and evaluate them based on your likes and needs.

Many people just follow their e-reader bookstore for example, Amazon if they have a kindle, B&N if they have a nook etc. Others like to dig a bit deeper. One feature of shelfari I enjoy is a list of the most popular books being read on a particular day beside the highest rated books being read on that day. The lists feature book covers which I’ve always had a weakness for. It also features lots of lists which are a great way to find book recommendations.

All in all, I’d advise to be aware of what you want in a book recommendation site and pick the one that best fits your needs. Below is a short list of some other book recommendation platforms:

Book Bub
Next Read
Your Next Read
Library Thing

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