Where Did December Go?

januarySeriously, it seems Thanksgiving was a couple of weeks ago, Christmas went flying by and it’s already January. It’s snowing here tonight, 16 degrees F and heavy wind. So yeah, yuck. I ran errands today and went by the grocery store so hopefully I won’t have to get out the next few days in this seriously miserable weather. Why is it anytime snow is in the forecast the grocery stores are just crazy with people? Thursday’s are my normal grocery shopping day but today it was crowded like it is before a holiday.

Have you been sticking by you New Year’s resolutions? I dislike resolutions, it seems after a couple of weeks no one remembers what they resolved to change. I prefer to make a list of priorities to showcase in the new year. So here we go : 1)This Spring I really want to deep clean each room, de-clutter, do some painting and redecorating. 2) I hope to do a lot of outside work and container gardening. I have a few projects for the house exterior and lawn, including setting up a fire pit area in the back, giving my deck furniture a makeover, painting our back deck and I want to experiment with planting some new fruits and veggies in the Spring. 3)For my reading goals this year I focused not on the number of books but the number of pages, I decided to focus more on quality instead of quantity. I’m already at approx. 20% of my goal but in warmer months, I won’t be reading as much and 4) I want to travel more this year.

Happy New Year!

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