The Color Run

color run2I was online the other day and saw Asheville is hosting it’s first color run in July. After some research I registered my husband and myself for our first 5k. I’ve always wanted to do a color run, it’s actually on my bucket list and a lot of reviews online said this was an excellent first 5k for newbies.

I started training last week after looking at 5k training plans on pinterest and deciding on one I feel is doable for me.The timing is good because this will give me something to work toward this Winter and get me up off the couch. Thank goodness we have a decent treadmill. I’ve been listening to an iPod playlist or watching Netflix while using the treadmill so it doesn’t get boring. I have plenty of time to prepare and I’m excited about it. Bob’s office is located in Asheville and his boss has even registered a corporate team so we’ll be running on it.


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