Cemetery Girl -Book Review

IMG_20140208_172932Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden is first in the new Cemetery Girl trilogy Book One: The Pretenders. With a lot of mixed reviews on bookstore sites like Amazon, etc., I decided to blog about it myself. First, it’s a graphic novel, I repeat the Cemetery Girl trilogy is a graphic novel. I’ve saw so many poor reviews and the first sentence is “I wasn’t expecting a short comic book. I read this in one day.” I hate that readers give the book poor reviews due to the fact they didn’t read the description of the book they ordered which clearly stated it’s a graphic novel.

Now, with that out of the way on to the book review. The book is a hardcover graphic novel with dark, realistic art which enhances the story line of the first novel and added an excellent dimension to the short story. I’ve read and enjoyed all of Charlaine Harris’s novels and if you like her stories you’ll like Cemetery Girl as well. The “Sookie novels” and accompanying HBO show True Blood and merchandise were so paranormal market saturated and extensive, I found it refreshing to read a new paranormal series by one of my favorite authors featuring new characters and plot which left me wanting more.

I did read the book in one afternoon, I’m a fast reader, but I took my time and enjoyed looking at all the graphics as I read and I plan on re-reading it in the future. I enjoyed the book, graphic novels are fairly new to me but I like the concept. I’m also definitely excited about the Cemetery Girl series and will be buying the second graphic novel when it becomes available.

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