What I’m Liking Right Now

-I’ve been Sherlocked, I watched my first episode of BBC’s Sherlock and I love it! It’s smart, witty and has a great cast. I also like that the BBC has shorter seasons which leave you wanting more instead of the American way of saturating the market with episodes of popular shows.
-House of Cards Season 2
-True Detectives on HBO, a dark drama with lots of plot twists. What’s not to like?!
-The Walking Dead is back! along with The Talking Dead followed by Comic Book Men at midnight. Sunday nights are all AMC at our house.


-I’ve thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with my Naked 3 eye shadow palette by Urban Decay. It’s made up of twelve lovely pink hued neutrals (matte, glitter and metallic) which in typical Urban Decay fashion are perfectly blendable, long-lasting and gorgeous.



I’ve been reading The Game of Thrones by George RR Martin for awhile now and I’m slowly getting it done. I’m also reading Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen.

lost lake


Something about Spring just screams new sneakers to me. I have several pairs that are still nice but I thought I’d get a new pair to add to the rotation. I narrowed it down to three choices and in the end I picked the ones in the middle. They were just so colorful, I really like them and have worn them daily since I got them a couple of weeks ago.


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