What I’m Liking Right Now

With my birthday weekend coming up in a few days, my thoughts turn to fall. When I was in school on several occasions, my first day back to school was on my birthday, so in my mind my birthday became associated with the end of Summer, although now I stretch the season out from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Yet, I can’t quite kick this annoying habit because unofficially I’m already planning all things Fall. Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought it was time for a “What I’m Liking Right Now Post”.

I just recently checked out all the fitness channels on roku. I weeded through them one afternoon and kept like my favorite twelve. One I’ve really enjoyed is the NetFit channel kickboxing. It includes a couple of 25 minute workouts for all levels and it’s just plain fun. netfit





I have been loving some Mexican food. Anything with lots of grilled veggies, lean meat and let’s not forget guacamole. The spicier the better!avocado




Since I’m at home most of the time and we’ve been eating paleo-ish I’ve really begun enjoying working out more and I’m finding it’s very convenient to just wear workout clothes. They’re comfortable and it’s easier to take spontaneous walks with the dog and do quick workouts if I’m already in tennis shoes and workout clothes. -Enter Athleta. I recently bought my first capris and a cute top from Athleta and I’ve already ordered a second pair. They’re made so well, have a handy back pocket for my iPod or phone and they come in such cute colors.athleta caprisathleta top







I’ve been watching several series on NetFlix. My favs include Sons of Anarchy (I’m caught up to Series 6) and Supernatural (I’m just on Season 2).sons of anarchy

I’m currently ahead of my reading goal for the year and I’ve read some excellent books so far.

I’m finding I like dark fiction more and more. Which bring me to Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig the first of three in the Miriam Black series. I really liked Blackbirds, Miriam Black can take care of herself, (think Lisbeth Salander). I’m excited to read the next two books in the series.blackbirds






That’s all for now but I’m looking forward to Fall and all things pumpkin!

sweet cinnamon pumpkin

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-Love This

cotton candy

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DishevelledChic Spring First Look

early spring

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Last Monday

I can think of worse ways to spend a Monday…


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Tee Addiction

Okay I admit it, now that I’m not having to dress up every day and go to a job I’ve developed a serious tee shirt addiction. I’ve always loved a good tee, but I’ve been accumulating quite a few lately. I can’t help it, there are so many cool sites which feature artists original witty artwork. I’m just grateful that I can dress so casual in jeans with a thermal and cute tee over it most days.

Below are two my latest tees, the pink one features cute bento box characters while the purple features a cool crossover of Elsa from Frozen and GOT with the GOT slogan Winter is Coming in the GOT font.



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What I’m Liking Right Now

-I’ve been Sherlocked, I watched my first episode of BBC’s Sherlock and I love it! It’s smart, witty and has a great cast. I also like that the BBC has shorter seasons which leave you wanting more instead of the American way of saturating the market with episodes of popular shows.
-House of Cards Season 2
-True Detectives on HBO, a dark drama with lots of plot twists. What’s not to like?!
-The Walking Dead is back! along with The Talking Dead followed by Comic Book Men at midnight. Sunday nights are all AMC at our house.


-I’ve thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with my Naked 3 eye shadow palette by Urban Decay. It’s made up of twelve lovely pink hued neutrals (matte, glitter and metallic) which in typical Urban Decay fashion are perfectly blendable, long-lasting and gorgeous.



I’ve been reading The Game of Thrones by George RR Martin for awhile now and I’m slowly getting it done. I’m also reading Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen.

lost lake


Something about Spring just screams new sneakers to me. I have several pairs that are still nice but I thought I’d get a new pair to add to the rotation. I narrowed it down to three choices and in the end I picked the ones in the middle. They were just so colorful, I really like them and have worn them daily since I got them a couple of weeks ago.


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Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Maybe it’s the long Winter and the promise of Spring or the fact that I just registered for my first Color Run 5k but I’ve been really focused lately on having a healthier lifestyle. I’m tackling this issue several different ways which will hopefully help me meet my goals.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve known for a long time processed food is really bad for us. Hence, I’ve cut out a lot of processed food from my diet. I focus on lean meats (mostly chicken) alongside fresh fruits and vegetables. I drink a lot of water and juice. When I shop I try to buy organic and look for certified non GMO items. We’ve never been a couple who has eaten a lot of fast food and with so many alternatives now over traditional fast food we attempt to make smarter choices. Luckily, we live in an area with a lot of choices nearby, fast food doesn’t have to be bad for you. We’ll pick up a pre-made salad at Trader Joe’s, go to Chipotle, Chick-fi-la, or many of the local restaurants that make organic, local food a priority.IMG_20140121_150720

Every day, weather permitting, I get out and have some time with our German Shepherd. Fetching tennis balls is his favorite thing in the world to do. It’s good for him and me as well, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I’m also working out five days a week, hitting the treadmill three times a week and doing yoga and other excercises the other days. I have to say I have a lot more energy and feel better doing this routine.

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Cemetery Girl -Book Review

IMG_20140208_172932Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden is first in the new Cemetery Girl trilogy Book One: The Pretenders. With a lot of mixed reviews on bookstore sites like Amazon, etc., I decided to blog about it myself. First, it’s a graphic novel, I repeat the Cemetery Girl trilogy is a graphic novel. I’ve saw so many poor reviews and the first sentence is “I wasn’t expecting a short comic book. I read this in one day.” I hate that readers give the book poor reviews due to the fact they didn’t read the description of the book they ordered which clearly stated it’s a graphic novel.

Now, with that out of the way on to the book review. The book is a hardcover graphic novel with dark, realistic art which enhances the story line of the first novel and added an excellent dimension to the short story. I’ve read and enjoyed all of Charlaine Harris’s novels and if you like her stories you’ll like Cemetery Girl as well. The “Sookie novels” and accompanying HBO show True Blood and merchandise were so paranormal market saturated and extensive, I found it refreshing to read a new paranormal series by one of my favorite authors featuring new characters and plot which left me wanting more.

I did read the book in one afternoon, I’m a fast reader, but I took my time and enjoyed looking at all the graphics as I read and I plan on re-reading it in the future. I enjoyed the book, graphic novels are fairly new to me but I like the concept. I’m also definitely excited about the Cemetery Girl series and will be buying the second graphic novel when it becomes available.

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Hello March


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The Color Run

color run2I was online the other day and saw Asheville is hosting it’s first color run in July. After some research I registered my husband and myself for our first 5k. I’ve always wanted to do a color run, it’s actually on my bucket list and a lot of reviews online said this was an excellent first 5k for newbies.

I started training last week after looking at 5k training plans on pinterest and deciding on one I feel is doable for me.The timing is good because this will give me something to work toward this Winter and get me up off the couch. Thank goodness we have a decent treadmill. I’ve been listening to an iPod playlist or watching Netflix while using the treadmill so it doesn’t get boring. I have plenty of time to prepare and I’m excited about it. Bob’s office is located in Asheville and his boss has even registered a corporate team so we’ll be running on it.


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